Bookrabbit is a free web novel platform.

Bookrabbit is a free web novel platform.
Bookrabbit is a free web novel site and a platform that provides web novels of various genres. Members who would like to receive the shortcut address and latest address of Booktoki, please click the shortcut link to receive guidance.


What is a book rabbit?

Book Rabbit is a free web novel viewing site, and Book Rabbit, which specializes in mobile , provides a variety of general novels, adult novels, BL novels , GL novels , and complete novels. We upload a variety of free web novels across four categories, including romance, fantasy, martial arts, sports, and science fiction.


Northern rabbit shelter booktoki

The Book Rabbit Shelter is a place where members can use when they cannot access the existing site or when the domain address has changed. It is called the Book Rabbit Shelter. Shelter among members is a site that allows direct access to Book Rabbit and can be used safely without any lag or disconnection, so please use it.


bulletin board community

Book Rabbit operates a novel bulletin board for members to communicate, and operates separate BL/GL bulletin boards and data rooms . The novel bulletin board is divided into categories in the following order: information, sharing, questions, requests, reviews, stories, chat, and other, and you can check or write posts for each category.


Alternative site

Currently, there is no site that can be called an alternative or rival site to Book Rabbit, but for example, the free web novel Ajitoon is called an alternative site, and Novelpia, which is paid , is also an alternative site, but due to the current paid conversion, many members are using it. The trend is moving to the North Rabbit.


Book Rabbit’s latest address and shortcut information

Booktoki is a free web novel information sharing site that has also been developed as an application, but in some cases access is not possible due to domain address changes, so we provide the latest address and shortcut.

Free preview of Book Rabbit’s web novel ‘I Am a Healer’
A free preview recommended by booktoki, “I Am a Healer” is a type of fantasy web novel that depicts the adventures and growth the protagonist experiences while performing the unique role of a ‘healer’.

A healer is one of the jobs commonly seen in RPGs (role-playing games). Its role is to restore the stamina of other team members or treat status ailments. In this work, the protagonist takes on the role of a healer and uses his abilities and wisdom to face various challenges and dangers.

This work explores the fantasy genre in a unique way that subverts the traditional image of the hero. The protagonist tries check here to solve problems using non-violent methods, consistent with his role as a healer, and this provides the reader with new perspectives and thoughts.

Additionally, the work focuses on the protagonist's growth story and the development of the characters surrounding him. The protagonist grows through his efforts to improve his abilities and better adapt to his role, and in the process, he forms relationships with various characters.

“I Am a Healer” is a web novel that leaves a deep impression on readers with its unique theme, novel approach, and well-developed characters. This work is highly recommended to readers who enjoy fantasy web novels and want to explore new perspectives away from traditional hero stories.


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